Hi, I’m Gill.  I have been part of Sale Church for a couple of years now.  I recently rediscovered my love of painting when I volunteered to paint a mural in our Church Community Garden. A small team of us started in January and finished just in time for a visit from General Linda Bond in 2013.

I enjoyed myself so much, I painted more and more – indoors this time! I started selling prints of my pictures, then at the suggestion of a few of the congregation, I turned my pictures into Christian cards of encouragement. I mostly use Scripture as the basis of my work, and often the verses I use are the ones that touch me during Sunday Service or are shared with me by other members of the church.

For me, creating my artwork is about more than painting. It’s about exploring the Scripture and sharing its many messages in ways that reflect both its beauty and its depth. It’s also about learning more and more about how God wants me to live my life and express my faith.

I can’t say I set out to be a Christian artist, but I try to keep my faith at the centre of everything I do, and I hope that is reflected in my artwork. I spent many years with no connection to God and the church, and throughout that time I felt that, as an artist, I had nothing to say. Now I have found my path back to God, I find I can hardly shut up!

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