Messy Church is a time when we invite families from our local community to come together to enjoy company, spending time with their family & also making new friends.  We are busy doing crafts, painting & having fun making a lot of mess! We celebrate God together through basing our crafts on a chosen bible story and then coming together after clear up time for a brief talk about what the bible story was about and what we learnt about through our play & craft.   Then we all get together for tea & pudding!

With Messy Church we are trying to be a worshipping community of all ages, centred on Christ, showing Christian hospitality - giving people a chance to express their creativity, share fellowship and have fun in a church context.  At Messy Church we welcome all people of all ages, this isnt a time just for children, quite the contrary, it is a time for everyone, young and old to come together and enjoy each others company.