ON the morning of Saturday 13th October our church on Ashton Lane was a hive of activity.  This was the day of the table-top sale to raise funds for the Annual Appeal.

The foyer and the community hall together with the two lounges were filled with stalls piled high with toys, umbrellas, greetings cards, memorabilia, cakes, books, good as new clothes, toiletries, small items of furniture, fancy goods and  bric-a-brac etc.

When the doors opened at 10am the people, who were already waiting outside, streamed in and began their bargain hunt, and soon the purses and wallets were opened and the pounds started rolling in.

The Chit-Chat café was also open for business for delicious bacon baps and cakes plus tea and coffee, and the aroma of the bacon cooking made everyone’s mouth water.

It was good to mingle with the crowd to chat with them and to tell them about some of the things we do on Sundays and during the week.  Some of the helpers from the Sunday-school were there with leaflets and information telling parents about Messy Church which runs on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  So as well as selling, we were also endeavouring to evangelise as well, in the hope that seeds were sown which could bring growth in the days that lie ahead.

As the time for closing came people were leaving the church carrying all sorts of oddly-shaped parcels, and some even using their child’s buggy to transport a coffee table, plant stands and mirrors making a comical picture as they wended their way home down Ashton Lane.

Once we had closed the doors we began the big clean-up to get the building ship-shape and ready for worship the next day.

It had been a very busy and exhausting day but also a very rewarding one with over £1,000 raised for the Annual Appeal.  So thank you to everyone who contributed to make this year’s sale a success